Who is Sophia Rosing? University of Kentucky student arrested after racist slur video goes viral

Below in this page, will explore on the latest viral update online about a Sophia Rosing who is a University student of Kentucky student.

As per reports, along with hér employment at Dillard’s terminated, she was arrested after using a racial slur and attacking two Black students.

So below we tell more about Sophia rosing who made headlines online today after detened at the Fayette County Detention Center, she faces charges of intoxication at a public space, second-degree disorderly conduct, third-degree assault on a police officer and fourth-degree assault.

In a video that has gone viral on social media platforms, we saw Sophia Rosing using a racial slur (she called her a nigger bitch) and striking a woman who worked the night shift at a dormitory front desk and while the student tried to restrain the intoxicated aggressor, however, she did not succeed.

According to the victim who posted a “story time” video of the incident on TikTok, explained that Sophia Rosing punched her twice, bit her arm, tried to run the victim and her friend with a shopping cart. The victim also claimed that Rosing said:

“Do my chores, it’s not my fault that you are Black.”


 “at this point she’s like singing the N-word.” She also revealed that Rosing bit and kicked a police officer.

Sophia Rosing who was later revealed to be a 22-year-old was arrested on Sunday just before 4 a.m. at the campus dorm.

Reports says that Sophia Rosing is from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky and her LinkedIn tells that the 2023 graduate is doing a double major in business marketing and merchandizing, apparel and textiles.



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