What ValidNewsToday is Known For and It’s Content is Quality but now Fallen due to Spam

We below will be writing more about the Best entertainment platforms known as ValidNewsToday who has fallen out of Grace in the last couple of months.

ValidNewsToday better known as is a platform own and managed by OGE LALA BUSINESS CONCEPT, the same company that owns and

What ValidNewsToday is Known For

ValidNewsToday is popular known for its exquisite entertainment news and articles on movies, Trending topics, social media gossips and conversation and many others in the entertainment niche.

The platform has greatly informed it’s users well on news and readers surely love ValidNewsToday when the platform was readily providing new and latest contents for it’s users but right now, the platform seems to have fallen.

ValidNewsToday would have been the best entertainment platform in the world topping platforms like HITC and others if the platform had not given in to AI content in the last couple of months and therefore leading to panalize after Google spam Update of October 2022.

This ai content that ValidNewsToday tried out in August 2022, writing about 400 articles with ai lead to the great platform affected by Google spam Update and being read as spam website in Google’s eyes.

The 400 ai content tested by the platform lead to the falling of the site with over 30,000 quality article written by human over the last year and even though the platform editor has deleted all the spam content it is still to recover.

This sure shows the dangers of spam and what it can due to good websites if you’re to abide in it. And as ValidNewsToday waits for pity and recovery from the unfortunate update they now continue to write good and quality contents as they have since.

Dangers of spam content

Now, you see there’s a great danger to writing spam and ai content as this has lead to the fallen of thousands of great websites and we at ValidNewsToday has also seen what it can cause.

So we advise all CURRENTLY or somehow planning on writing spam content as it is easy to not do that and rather focus and give time to writing quality and pure human contents.

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