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Written by OGE EBUBE KINGSLEY, on November 7th 2022 at 21:59pm

Below in this page, it’s fun time as we explore on the meaning of the new Tiktok prank called the Mike who Chee’s Hairy that has gone viral.

Tiktok social is crawling with clips of the prank and one of the funniest clip has received over half a million views at this time and users are left confused at the “Mike who cheese hairy” prank and want to know the meaning of the joke. So keep reading below to find out.

The Mike who cheesy Hairy prank is note a regular joke and this one involves people telling their friends or family members to read out the words “Mike who cheese hairy,” and seeing if they fall for it and still many don’t understand the joke there, so let’s find out.

The Mike who cheese hairy is not a hard prank as it only involves making some say the line which it sounds like you are saying “my coochie’s hairy.”

And you know the meaning of the word coochie there as the slang term is famously used to refer to a woman’s p. parts.

So you see why the prank seems very funny when done properly as it’s so funny when they get someone to say it out loud without knowing what they’re saying. Right? ogeebube@worldsmovies.net

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