Below in this page, ValidNewsToday will explore on the new issue reported by many Tiktok users that left many users frustrated.

Many Tiktok users took to Twitter recently to express their frustration as many revealed they have been getting the ‘no internet connection‘ message on their Tiktok app.

So if you’re experiencing same issue know that youre not alone as it appears to be Happenning to many users who revealed that their upload has been stuck on the app.

As of now, we report that TikTok has not revealed what has happened or giving a statement hit we guess that the servers are down at the moment an it is really affecting many.

Many users report that the message, NO INTERNET CONNECTION MESSAGE’ appears on their screen when they tried to login into the platform.

This message appears even though their network was working perfectly and many users are finding it a hard time uploading a video onto the app as the upload keep stuck only at 61% of it.

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