It’s been confirmed that Mars’ retrograde for 2022 will begin on October 30th and people are busy asking on what  happens when the red planet goes into retrograde action, so we I’ll explain below.

First let’s start by telling what retrograde even means, as per NASA every 26 months, Earth tends to overtake Mars as it leaps ahead of the red planet in its race to orbit the sun. So this means that Retrograde action’ is the term for this apparent erratic action of Mars.

The retrograde action occurs is wen when Mars planet is moving up and down while watch passes through through the solar system’s fourth planet.

It should be noted that retrograde  merely an illusion and it’s been Trending since it was revealed that it begins on Sunday, October 30th and ends January 12th, 2023, as per Sylecaster.

So for the question, when and what happens when MARS IS IN RETROGRADE, the when is as from October 30th while the what happens is still deep especially to astrologist who very much believe that the change has a deep astrological meaning.

So, Mars is know to be a planet that administers action, courage and strength among other things and it is said that Mars being in retrograde is also a time for us to process hidden anger and emotions.

While, Instyle.com notes that when the red planet appears backward from Earth, it leads to a lack of forward movement and dulled passion in people’s lives bad this can apply to both your career and relationships. What do you think? ogeebube@validnewstoday.com.


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