Price of Nigerian Local Long Grain Destoned Rice for October 2022, 50kg, 25kg and Penter (Custard)

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So today, we will be exploring on the current price for Nigerian Local Long Grain Rice for October 2022.

Yes, it’s gone wild and costly by this time of the year when food stuff like rice is supposed to be cheap as the new rice arrives in the nation but no for the year of 2022 we saw an unspeakable surge in rice market and it’s wow.

Before going on to the current price, you should know more the Nigerian Local Long Grain Destoned rice.

The Nigerian Long Grain Rice is often regarded as Nigerian Foreign Rice due to its similarities and resemblance to the known Foreign Rice which is a very meet long grain seeds of rice that is preferably and often used in jellof rice.

The Destoned there now means that the stones in this local rice and you can as well cook if like a normal Foreign rice but don’t forget to parboil it.

Now for the market price of the Nigerian Local Long Grain Rice for October 2022, at this time you can get the 50 kg bag for 32,000 at Enugu state Nigeria via the VNT-FOODS online shop.


The prices for container varies per the container size and it is listed below.

  • 50kg bag (2 bushel) – sold at 32,000 Naira
  • 25kg bag (1 Bushel) it- sold at 16,000 Naira
  • 1 Penter (Custard) – Sold at 2,800 Naira
  • ½ Penter (Tomato) – Sold at 1,400 Naira
  • 1 Cup (Rubber) – 200 Naira.
  • 1 Cup (Siga Cup) 150 Naira.

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