How to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Deji Olatunji’s exhibition Boxing Fight and Time Revealed

It’s the biggest fight of the year and you don’t wanna miss it, so find out as we explores on details at to where to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Deji Olatunji’s exhibition boxing fight and the time is the livestream set to start worldwide.

We surely will get entertainment this month November 2022 as Floyd Mayweather is all set to return to the boxing ring this weekend for another exhibition fight against British YouTube sensation Deji Olatunji.

The Floyd Mayweather vs Deji Olatunji’s fight is sure an anticipated fight and many definitely want Deji to get a knockout and with that, the entire boxing community would likely implode on itself as it would be an accomplishment to many who can’t achieve that and now to watch the fight, find details below.

Now to watch the, Floyd Mayweather vs Deji Olatunji that is scheduled to take place today, sunday, November 13 at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, the  boxing event will be livestreamed exclusively around the world through the DAZN network, so don’t miss it.

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