Written by OGE EBUBE KINGSLEY, on December 5th 2022.

Below in this page, ValidNewsToday will be exploring on the advent calendar of an alf bar that contains 15 different vapes and merchandise that everyone is eager to get their hands on.

As the holiday and FESTIVAL season is almost at hand, you surely need an amazing advent calendar for Christmas and in a previous post, we wrote; AMAZING RED BULL’S CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR FOR 2022 ON TIKTOK AND HOW TO BUY.

While below, read on to see, WHAT’S INSIDE THE ELF BAR ADVENT CALENDAR AND HOW MUCH it is worth.

The elf bar Advent that is currently Trending was first seen last year and vape fanatics all want it now as this vape comes with an amazing flavors making Elf Bar one of the industry’s leading brands.

The bar has especially gone viral on Tiktok social media and users there, show off their collection of colorful e-cigarettes, so do you want your, keep on reading below.

The new advent calendar of elf bar has come with 14 products, including the BC5000 vape and it arrives with first, Elf Bar 2000 in peach mango guava and the remaining products are seen below while the total price of the products would be about £80 ($65).

  • Day 12: Vape lanyard
  • Day 13: Watermelon lemon 3600
  • Day 14: Blue razz lemonade
  • Day 15: Stickers
  • Day 16: Pink lemonade 3500
  • Day 17: Mini vape key chain
  • Day 18: Brand key chain
  • Day 19: Lite350 device
  • Day 20: Mango peach watermelon
  • Day 21: Berry peach
  • Day 22: Peach ice disposable pod
  • Day 23: Three watermelon pods
  • Day 24: Mate500 device

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